Are you for real?

Our bestie is what some people might call brutally honest but what we like to call just honest enough.  Telling the truth is her specialty and being with her is like a breath of fresh air!

In a world full of so much artificiality, isn’t it nice to know that the people who are close to you are truly genuine in their actions and words?

We’re curious, how many times a day do you fake it?  Smile at your freshman year RA and make forced conversation?  Tell your lab partner you love her jacket that bears an eerie resemblance to your grandmother’s curtains?  Ask a teammate about his weekend escapades when you would rather enjoy your grape-nuts in silence?

Well, we’re telling you right now, fakery is out, out, out!  The next big thing is just  being…real.

Are you faker than the Hills?

Are you as fake as these girls?



We like boys but if we didn’t…

    The Slumdog Millionaire actress has the elegant and effortless look down...

The Slumdog Millionaire actress has the elegant and effortless look down.

Frieda Pinto looks flawless at the Extreme Beauty event in Milan.  The pale pink chiffon cocktail dress paired with a black floral belt by Dolce and Gabbana is sleek, glamorous and just the right amount of playful.

We aren’t ashamed to admit we love Britney.

Spears kicked off her Circus tour Tuesday in New Orleans with a show that was met with mediocre reviews.  We checked out a few of the videos and we actually thought she did pretty well, she wasn’t singing live but she was dancing her little booty off, which is what she does best!

And we have to rave about the costumes!  She looks so fierce!

Britney delivers

Britney delivers

The princess of pop reigns...

The princess of pop reigns...

Other than the lip-syncing which isn’t unexpected our one critique is her hair.  Why does it look like a bad wig?  And so disheveled…  Isn’t someone on the Britney team paid to take care of that?

Have you wondered what the library is like at 10:30 on a Friday night?  We can offer you a little peak into what our wild nights here are like…

Hopefully we’ll make it out of here before the nerd bell rings!

Very cozy and calm.

Very cozy and calm.

Princess Reese

We just want to be friends with her!

“Everything inside me is made of sugar and flour and a little red wine – a lot of red wine.”
– Reese Witherspoon confesses to Elle on her lack of dieting concerns.

What  a refreshing attitude from one of our favorite A-listers!  We’re going out to dinner tonight and we’re not ordering a salad and ice water with lemon!

Playing dress up

Alicia Keys pays homage to Michelle Obama and her daughters in the new issue of Glamour.  The first lady is already an icon!

And the puppy is pretty cute too!

Our Obama-mania just won’t quit!

White House elegance...

White House elegance...

It’s a pink dolphin, kids!  The unusual dolphin was spotted in Lake Calcasieu, Louisiana.

Pink dolphin

The animal’s pink color is a result of albinism but not to worry, the dolphin is completely healthy.

It just goes to show you, pink is the IT color, like we’ve been saying…