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We’re getting the heck out of dodge (the cold, cold, cold)…  Goodbye to Uggs and Northfaces and HELLO to Florida!

We can’t wait!  Tomorrow!!!


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Getting our fix

We can’t put Twilight down!  We won’t be getting anything done (other than keeping our eyes peeled for dreamy vampires) until we finish the series.

Living up to the hype.

Living up to the hype.

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A little drama…


Did you watch the new episode of the Hills last night?  We’re still nursing our addiction to the reality series…

Can Lauren and Audrina patch things up?  Or will L.C. manage to alienate yet another former friend?

And what’s with Spencer and Stephanie’s grandma’s cameo?  We think the show should probably devote more time to Brody shirtless and less time to the boring Nana.

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…she’s the best little nap partner we know.  On a cold December day we love to curl up with Kitty!

How cute is she?

Someone found a spot on my bed...

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