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is a dangerous when you have a sweet tooth as voracious as ours.

Gingerbread cookies, cupcakes, pumpkin pies, miniature candy canes, and chocolate treats shaped as doves…who can resist the onslaught?



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We love being surrounded by our quirky but much loved family.  Give us a house full of noisy relatives and we’re happy, happy, happy.


A perfect afternoon for a post-dinner walk into town.


Silver Lake looks picturesque (the mittens came off to snap this one…recognize the sacrifice).

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Turn on the oven, dig out the recipe box, and put on your favorite Christmas album (our top pick is A Motown Christmas)!

Home for 48 hours and this is what I have to show for myself…but making treats in the kitchen is therapeutic.

Mixing up some gingersnaps...

Mixing up some gingersnaps...




We found a new recipe...

We found a new recipe...Glazed lemon cookies.

Dipping the cookies in lemon frosting...

Dipping the cookies in lemon frosting...

Do you want one?


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I’ve always approached friendships with a less is more attitude.  That is to say, I value a few close friends I trust like Wikipedia rather than a mass of acquaintances who barely qualify in the ami-category.

This year especially I’m grateful for those girls who I’m blessed to call my friends.

They help me curl my hair on Saturday night, call me out when I’m being unfair, care about the Hills as much as I do, listen patiently to my whining over brunch, and make me laugh like no one else can…This list goes on and on.

But the bottom line is that I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who bring out the best in me.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!


The girls got it right!

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Listen to this…

…on the treadmill, dancing in the room alone, or on the plane.

will.i.am’s Heartbreaker.


I’m s s s sorry

I didn’t mean to break ya…

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The best feeling…

is finishing that last final.

Congratulations, we made it through fall term!

How excited are you for the break?

Say goodbye to this for six long weeks.


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But this just might get you through the week.

Ch-ch-check out our favorite North Baltimore swimmer on the cover of GQ.

We melt, we melt.

Want to go swimming?

Want to go for a swim?

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